Benefits Of Team Building at Break Free

What Is Team Building?

Team building is a phrase used to describe building chemistry and connecting with your work colleges or teammates and building greater relations between you all. Team building can be done by any groups of people who work or play together, for example, sports teams, musicians and bands, work colleagues, dance groups etc.

Benefits From Team Building

Team building has many benefits from building chemistry to improving relationships within the team, it also helps leadership skills and encourages people to work together to overcome challenges and problems. Below we have listed the most important factors which come from team building activities at break free escape. 

Improves Cooperation

Being immersed inside an unusual and non-traditional environment away from the office or workplace can massively improve team relationships. Different characteristics of individuals will be presented and noticeable as people try to find their place within the group. The situation will expose hidden talents and skills of people as they are in unfamiliar circumstances.

Cooperation will be improved as people need to work together, designate tasks to one another and ultimately work as a team to overcome all the challenges. Without cooperating then there will be no way to escape a room. It will also uncover traits from the more quieter people in the group and make you aware of characteristics you didn’t no that person had.

Improves co worker relations

Within an escape room, team building takes on a different form. The setting breaks down social barriers and allows co-workers to mix with different people such as those that may not be in their department or by mixing staff members with other managers. This means bonds and relationships will be strengthened.

Any employee conflicts will be put aside when everyone has the same objective, escape rooms will also expose the people who can work well under pressure and those who are a calming influence and help each other get through the room together.

Improves creative thinking

When playing an escape room, the demand for creative thinking becomes a great significance, attempts to escape the room will be harder without creative thinking as you are forced to solve puzzles, and the mysteries players will have to overcome will differ enormously from those faced in the workplace.

The puzzle solving process may not be that of expected and players may have to combine their logistical thinking in order to solve the puzzles in a quick and efficient manner. Everything players see can potentially be a clue and you have to use your knowledge, wit and determination to escape together.


Team building activities at escape break free are a brilliant way to ultimately build team chemistry. With the benefit of growing your team, your relationships and your skills, break free escape team building days are also brilliant fun.

The best way to work out what benefits team building can bring to your team or workplace then why not challenge your co-workers/team and find out how they really cope under pressure.

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