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Things To Do In Stoke-On-Trent

Here we are going to talk about things to do in Stoke-on-Trent. We will discuss different days out, different nights out, places to stay or visit and ultimately combine a perfect answer to your question.

We have looked through various reviews on Google, yell and trip advisor to blend the ultimate day/night out in Stoke.

Nights Out In Stoke

So to kick it off, we are going to look into nights out in Stoke, from club nights to cinema nights, what is the perfect thing to do?

Club Nights Stoke

So if your thing is clubbing, there are many nightclubs you can opt to choose from, Stoke city center and Newcastle-under-Lyme next door have many options within a stone’s throw away from each other.

Option number 1: Fiction Nightclub – This nightclub is based in Stoke, it is a chain nightclub with high tech lights and lasers. They have regular themed dancing events and host great live DJs each week. They open Monday, Friday and Saturday from 11pm to 4am. This nightclub would be the last stop on your list. You can contact them for more information on 01782284333 or visit the website.

Option number 2: Jollees Cabaret Venue – Another nightclub on the list, which was originally opened in 1973 but closed down in 1992. It was re-opened in 2016 and has had huge success since. This is a cabaret venue so expect to see live acts, song, dance, recitation and even drama. Jollees is located in West End near to Stoke town centre, they are open Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. To contact this venue call 01782844171 or visit the facebook page.

Movie Nights Stoke

Going to the cinema to watch the latest movies can be a fun night out, this is a more relaxed option for a night out in Stoke, where you would kick back, chill out, and watch a movie. I mean, who doesn’t like going to the cinema?

Option number 1: Cineworld – Cineworld is based in Stoke-on-Trent, Quadrant road. It’s a multiplex cinema chain that shows the latest 2D and 3D movies. They are situated inside Intu Potteries, the indoor shopping center in Hanley. The cinema opening times all depends on the time the movie starts, they usually start screening the first movie around 12 in the afternoon and show films until late at night. However they have been known to have early morning screenings for the latest movie releases. For more information about cineworld then call them on: 0330 333 4444

Option number 2: Vue Cinema – Vue is one of the biggest cinema chains around the UK. This one is based at Market Arcade, Lymelight boulevard. According to people’s reviews, the seating is suppose to be spectacular, with big arm chairs that recline and a tray to place down your food rather than having to put it on the floor. Vue serve beer, food, soft drinks and they even have a bowling alley so you can have a few games before or after your movie. To see the latest films on at view then visit the website.

Restaurants In Stoke

Going for a nice meal with your partner, family or friends can be a good way to kick off (or end) a night out in Stoke. With there being so many different options to choose from it can sometimes feel overwhelming, personally I look into food hygiene rating before making a decision on where I am going to eat, unless of course it’s a big chain like pizza hut or nando’s, then I will eat it anyway.

Rather than me discussing and talking about reviews from different restaurants, I am going to list the top 5 places to eat, when on a night (or day) out in Stoke. The list order is based on tripadvisor and not my personal opinion.

  1. Tandoori Knights 58 Church St, ST4 1BL (Indian, Asian, Balti and Halal)
  2. Yu-Ma-Mi 2 Lyme Dr, ST4 6NW (Chinese, Asian, Fusion, Vegetarian and Gluten Free)
  3. Baby Russets 42 Kingsway, ST4 1JH (British, Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free)
  4. The Masons Arms 8 Dilke St, ST1 2LJ (British, Vegetarian and Gluten Free)
  5. Pizza Hut 98-104 High St, ST5 1PT (Pizza, Vegetarian and Gluten Free)

So there you have it, the 5 best places to eat around Stoke. Perfect for a night out with a large group as its easy to organise and they are all fairly big venues. You can book tables for all of these restaurants in advance, this will save you any disappointment on arrival.

Other Nights Out In Stoke

Really, this list could go on for ages, there is so much to do for a night out in and around Stoke. If you want something a little different than a nightclub, restaurant or cinema then the list below may help you.

Escape Room

An escape room is a good idea for something different, its challenging, fun, and gets your group working together to escape the room. Usually you have 60 minutes to escape and you have to find clues, solve puzzles and complete certain challenges to progress. An escape room challenges your brain and also brings a lot of health benefits. Check out our escape rooms in Stoke on our website.


Laserquest is a real life action shooting game in which players must shoot lasers at each others body packs in order to score the most points and win, these are usually set out in fun, well designed arena’s with different levels to compete on. The aim of the game, blast your enemies and don’t get shot. To book laser quest Stoke, call them on 01782914110.

Winter Wonderland

Next on the list is theme park. Theme Parks are usually a day time activity in which one would go for a day out, however this theme park is open until 10pm at night, meaning you can spend your evening having some fun on the rides. A theme park is quite self explanatory, they have roller coasters, rides and games. If your yet to visit Winter Wonderland then its a must.

Awesome Walls Bouldering Walls

Another, “random night out” I know, but it is possibly something that you have never heard of and would really enjoy. Awesome walls is a rock climbing center based on Sefton Rd, ST3 5LW. These guys like winter wonderland are open until 10pm so this could also be a choice when thinking of things to do in the evening in Stoke. To find out more information about awesome walls then please visit their website.

Days Out In Stoke

We have discussed nights out in Stoke, now it’s time to look into good days out for you, your friends and your family. Some of the places listed above can also be done during the day, like laserquest, cinema, restaurants and escape rooms. However in this next section we will look at things that are open throughout the day only. We will look at activities to do, places to eat and places to go during the day in Stoke.

Days Out Stoke

If you are looking for active days out in Stoke then keep reading. Below I will list some of the most active days out in and around Stoke, based on genuine reviews from Google, TripAdvisor and Yell.

Option 1: Trentham Estate – Trentham Estate is situated just South of Stoke. They have lots to do here from shopping, eating out and just some nice walks. If you go be sure to check out Trentham gardens, a beautiful landscape with great views and a gorgeous garden. Trentham Estate also have different events running throughout the year, to see what’s going on here you can have a look at their website.

Option 2: Trentham Monkey Forest – Self explanatory in the name, basically a forest which is home to around 140 monkeys, if you are yet to visit this place, then you are surely missing out. It’s a lovely walk around the forest and on a summer’s day it gives you an, out of this country type moment. The monkeys come rather close, and you get to see them in their natural habitat. They have information boards, video’s and staff dotted around the forest giving you lots of great knowledge.

Option 3: Waterworld – A brilliant option for a rainy day, even a warm day depending on how you look at it. Waterworld based on Festival way, ST1 5PU, is another great day out in Stoke. It’s known to be one of the biggest indoor water parks in the UK.

Places To Stay Near Stoke

Next, if your not local to Stoke, you will need somewhere to stay when travelling to Stoke. If you haven’t already, have a look on airBNB and They usually list properties/hotels available in the area you are searching. However if you want somewhere more traditional and a local business then keep reading.

Quality Hotel Stoke City Centre – This hotel is rated 3.5 out of 5 stars on Google, overall it is a 3 star hotel but has everything you may need when visiting Stoke. It has free Wi-Fi and parking, a pool, bar, restaurant and a gym giving you lots to keep you busy when at your hotel, you can book this hotel on Expedia, and

North Stafford Hotel –  Another hotel that boasts a relaxing environment for all, North Stafford hotel offers conference facilities, restaurant and a coffee bar, they are rated 3 out of 5 stars on Google and again this is another 3 star hotel choice, brilliant for a budget stay in Stoke.

Dove Farm Holiday Cottages – Dove farm and holiday cottages based in Ashbourne, only a short drive from Stoke is a luxurious option for somewhere to stay, they offer the most luxurious cottages available and this is a luxury option for somewhere to stay. You can contact them on 01335324357. Or you can book on the website here.

Things To Do In Stoke

So from the lists above you have a lot of different options to choose when looking for things to do in Stoke. Next I will combine the perfect day/night out in Stoke.

Firstly I would kick the day off with a good escape room Stoke from Breakfree and get that brain working. Then I would hit the movies, I would go to the vue cinema on Lymelight Boulevard as this is in the same building as the escape room.

Next I would take a break for some dinner and probably go to eat Pizza Hut, again this is inside Lymelight Boulevard so it’s only a short walk from the cinema. After my food I would take a trip to Trentham monkey forest to have a walk round, burn off them pizza calories and watch some monkeys.

Then shopping at Trentham Estate before hitting the town and dancing round to some cabaret at Jollees Cabaret venue. I would then travel to my accommodation at Dove Farms Holiday Cottages where I would wind down whilst staring at a beautiful country landscape.


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